Chthonic, CutBank Books, 2015

The Field Is a Good Place to Die, Limited Edition Art Book, Carrie Burr Photography, 2015


Poems in Print

“Metamorphoses,” Boston Review, forthcoming

“History (n.),” The Kenyon Review, Sept./Oct. 2016

“Klee’s Painting,” West Branch, Spring 2016

“Wunderkind,” Crazyhorse, Spring 2016

“The Milk Hours,” Louisville Review, Spring 2016

“Poem Around Which Everything Is Structured,” Meridian, Fall 2015

“Other Adam,” Massachusetts Review, Spring 2015

“Schadenfreude (Memory)” and “Schadenfreude (Rest),” Gulf Coast, Spring 2014

“Famous Tombs,” Colorado Review, Spring 2014

“Chthonic,” Best New Poets 2013

“Schadenfreude (Your Mouth Burning Too),” Hayden’s Ferry Review, Fall/Winter 2013

“Story with a Shriveled Nipple” and “The Scarecrow,” Copper Nickel, Winter/Spring 2013

“Against Dominion,” Washington Square, Summer/Fall 2011


Poems Online

“Forget the Song,” California Journal of Poetics, Issue 2, 2016

“April, Andromeda” and “Torschlusspanik (Already the Sun),” Tupelo Quarterly, Summer 2015

“Birthday, Weltschmerz,” Prelude, June 2015

“Small Version of a Long Story,” Hunger Mountain, Summer 2015

“1956 [We were told what we wanted to hear],” The Adroit Journal, Summer 2015

“1956 [After swallowing some water at Changsha],” “Animals of the Field Attend His Dreams,” “Awareness of Time,” “His Angels Especially Amaze the Birds” and “Story with a Shriveled Nipple” Floor Plan, issue a, 2014

“Elegy (Eulogy),” “Heirloom (Wreck)” and “Snow Logic,” Vinyl Poetry, Spring 2014

“It Loops Back Over the Pacific,” Sixth Finch, Spring 2013

“Sonata,” Phantom, Spring 2013

“Kentucky, September,” DIAGRAM 10.5, 2010