Poems in Journals

Western Humanities Review: “Catalogue Beginning with a Line by Plato,” forthcoming Spring 2019

The Missouri Review: “Le Moribond,” “At Assateague,” and “End,” Fall 2018

Boston Review: “Metamorphoses,” March 2018

Poetry Northwest: “Poem for the Nation, 2016,” Spring 2018

Palimpsest: Yale Graduate Literary & Art Magazine: “Materia” and “Spaghetti Western,” Fall 2017 (“Spaghetti Western” reprinted at Split This Rock)

Tinderbox Poetry Journal: “Erosion,” Fall 2017

Berkeley Poetry Review: “Mountain Song,” Spring 2017

The Kenyon Review: “History (n.),” Sept./Oct. 2016

West Branch: “Klee’s Painting,” Spring 2016

Crazyhorse: “Wunderkind,” Spring 2016

Louisville Review: “The Milk Hours,” Spring 2016 (Reprinted at Poets.org)

California Journal of Poetics: “Forget the Song,” Issue 2, 2016

Meridian: “Poem Around Which Everything Is Structured,” Fall 2015

Tupelo Quarterly: “April, Andromeda” and “Torschlusspanik (Already the Sun),” Summer 2015

Massachusetts Review: “Other Adam,” Spring 2015

Prelude: “Birthday, Weltschmerz,” June 2015

The Adroit Journal: “1956 [We were told what we wanted to hear],” Summer 2015

Hunger Mountain: “Small Version of a Long Story,” Summer 2015

Gulf Coast: “Schadenfreude (Memory)” and “Schadenfreude (Rest),” Spring 2014

Colorado Review: “Famous Tombs,” Spring 2014

Hayden’s Ferry Review: “Schadenfreude (Your Mouth Burning Too),” Fall/Winter 2013

Copper Nickel: “Story with a Shriveled Nipple” and “The Scarecrow,” Winter/Spring 2013

Phantom: “Sonata,” Spring 2013

Washington Square: “Against Dominion,” Summer/Fall 2011

DIAGRAM: “Kentucky, September,” 10.5, 2010 

Poems in Anthologies

“Chthonic,” “History (n.),” “Metamorphoses,” “Poem Around Which Everything Is Structured,” “The Milk Hours,” “Years I’ve Slept Right Through,” Aeolian Harp, Vol. 4., eds. Ami Kaye and Melissa Studdard. Glass Lyre Press, 2018.

“Kentucky, September.” Undead: A Poetry Anthology of Ghouls, Ghosts, and More. Eds. Bianca Lynne Spriggs and Katerina Stoykova Klemer. Lexington, KY: Apex Publications, 2018.

“History (n.),” Best American Poetry 2017, eds. Nathasha Trethewey and David Lehman. Scribner, 2017.

“Poem for the Resistance,” States of the Union, ed. Michaela Papa. Web, 2017.

“Poem Around Which Everything Is Structured,” Best New Poets 2016, eds. Mary Szybist and Jeb Livingwood. UVA Press, 2016.

“Chthonic,” Best New Poets 2013, eds. Brenda Shaughnessy and Jazzy Danziger. UVA Press, 2013.